Saturday, September 26, 2015

Getting into the Routine

Routines are set.  We're moving on at a pretty fast pace, but it's going as smooth as expected. Yes, there are meltdowns, me and them, but I'm blessed to have a good bunch of kinders and a fantastic Para. These are some of the things that we have mastered so far.
This is the first year I have used Interactive Notebooks and I'm loving it.  After 22 years of Kindergarten I still love the excitement of doing something new.  We have been doing ABC Bootcamp (from Kindergarten Smorgasboard) and we have pages for each letter.  This is our first sorting activity we have put in it, they did it all.  Isn't it GREAT!!!  How do you use the Notebooks?

We do Math Tubs following the lesson everyday.  This independent time has proven to be helpful in so many ways.  My favorite is that it gives me time to work 1-1 with each student on a skill while everyone else is engaged; and they get to choose whatever they want to work on.  

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