Monday, January 16, 2012

inside recess

Winter time in Louisiana can be pretty messy.  Going outside would mean either tracking mud in or being too cold to play.  We're not used to the cold temps. So.....
i drag out our Rainy Day Recess toys .
It's a treat because it's things they don't usually get anywhere.  I get them from retiring teachers, thrift store, yard sales .... They're all manipulative so it keeps them busy in new ways.  they have to think of different things to do with them.  Blocks are just self explanatory.

I spread them all around the room and nobody has a problem with rules of how many people can be there and sharing is seldom a problem.  they know if they don't play "nice" I may not take them out the next day and that means a boring recess of just coloring or nothingness.  I don't know what that is because we've never had to do it.

And of course, Dr. Jean and Jack Hartman, along with any other cd's or dvd's that involve lots of moving.  We always end with Tooty Ta.  They never get tired of it since this isn't an everyday occurance.