Friday, February 27, 2015

Have you come to the point in the year where you would like a little more quiet?  I know I did, plus I was really bored with the humdrum of the ordinary.  That's why I love blogging, I can stalk other GREAT teachers and steal incorporate their ideas.
I've seen this over at Kindergarten Smorgasbord, carpet seating  and several other blogs, but Greg motivated me enough to put my own twist on it.  I use it as behavior incentive.  When my Kinder have a GREAT day, they get a "seating pass", which allows them to sit anywhere they want to. They actually get a Pass which has to be turned in to receive the privilege. I noticed from the beginning, students who got to move were ones who were usually quiet anyway.  when they were able to move it took away temptation to talk at the table so "talkers" didn't have anyone to talk to.  I loved it!!  Big Round of Applause!!!
They can get a clipboard if they don't like the paper on the carpet, but otherwise they liked the freedom and privilege.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


AAARRGGHH!!!!!  I know everyone must be going crazy from being cooed up inside with the ice.  In my neck of the woods we have gotten nothing, but freezing temps and some ice.  It's enough to keep the schools closed, but not enough to go out and have fun in.  Right now I would choose the chaos of 24 5yr. olds, over the insanity I call home.  
How are you weathering this winter?