Friday, February 3, 2012

100 days "tireder"

We celebrated our 100th day today and I am worn out.  we started out sharing what we would do with $100.  We made headbands with ten strips of ten stickers, that turned out so cute.  We found 100 pre-numbered stickers all around the room and matched them to the 100's chart.  (I think I posted this last year, but forgot a pic this year)
We strung 100 Froot Loops in sets of 10 for an edible necklace.  
I see I put my pics in backwards order.  That's how tired I am, but I really wanted to post.  I am exhausted, but the kids had a BLAST!!!  For me that's all that mattered.
I did try to get a shot of them in their headbands, but I couldn't block out faces so I gave up.
Only 80 more to go!!!

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